A Spontaneous Sunrise Elopement at Cedar Hill State Park

December 4, 2023

We had such an amazing time with Melanie and Jeremy during their sunrise elopement day at Cedar Hill State Park. Even though this isn’t what they originally had planned! In the world of wedding planning, flexibility is often the key to turning unexpected challenges into beautiful opportunities. Melanie and Jeremy, like many couples in 2020, had initially envisioned a big celebration for their wedding day. However, circumstances forced them to rethink their plans! I pride myself in being a flexible wedding photographer. My goal is to always work with you to figure out the best plan of action for your wedding day!

A Unique Sunrise Elopement Day at Cedar Hill State Park

I worked closely with Melanie and Jeremy to make sure their dreams turned into their reality after they already had a huge change of plans. Originally planning a road trip to a state park in the Texas panhandle for an intimate elopement, the couple decided two days before the journey that they wanted something closer to home, surrounded by close family. So I quickly gave them another option and well the pictures prove that it ended up being perfect!

The decision to stay closer to home turned out to be the perfect decision! Cedar Hill State Park provided a stunning setting for a sunrise elopement. The wildflowers added an extra touch of magic to their day! Melanie and Jeremy’s journey is a testament to the benefits of having a photographer who prioritizes the couple’s needs and wants.

Klayne Photography | Texas Wedding + Elopement Photographer

The flexibility of a photographer who puts your needs first can turn the unexpected into the extraordinary, just like we did for Melanie and Jeremy. If you are looking for someone to capture your dream wedding or elopement day in Texas, head over to my contact page!

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